Client: Tromigou
Year: 2019
Industry: Decor
Two nice girls approached us with a request to help develop a brand for their wood products business. The task was to create a strong brand name that could reflect the values of the management team, the character of the team, the creativity of the process, and the atmosphere that the brand conveys.
Corporate Identity
Brand manual
Tromigou is a studio of cozy wooden decor for homes and events, eco gifts and souvenirs, jewelry, and branded business accessories.

The mission of the studio is to surround people with beautiful and quality decor, handmade from natural materials with a lot of love.
About the company
The main challenge was to find a suitable image in the brand identity reflecting both the client himself and the product created.
After a long search of metaphors and images we came to the apparently obvious solution of creating a character that would illustrate the client's team on the one hand and the principles underlying the creation of the product on the other hand.
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