Client: Grafit Holding
Year: 2016
Industry: Trade
Grafit Holding
A couple of years ago we started working with a group of companies that resell stock products in Europe and the US. Later, the decision was made to merge all the companies into a holding company under the name developed by us – "Grafit".
Corporate Identity
Brand manual
Video commercial
Animated commercial
The design of the logo was based on the image of a hand clenched in fist, able to unite under it the large number of different activities of the holding and the people working in it.
The fist and the letter G are stylized like the hard edges of graphite, reflecting the tough yet dynamic character of the brand.
Subsequently, it was decided to redesign the logos for all holding companies. The aim was to create a unified style and visual integrity.
Logo redesign for holding companies
A unique typeface and a series of signs were developed, based on which a global redesign of all holding companies was carried out.
Making a corporate promotional video was a very thought-provoking task for us. For a year we have collected videos, we've interviewed people, and have drawn infographics to get a high-quality tool for a quick presentation of the company.
Corporate promotional video
Animated video
Since the essence of the company's business is not clear to everyone at first contact, we decided to make an animated video explaining what Grafit Holding does in a simple and funny way.
Having enjoyed the brand development process, we continue to appreciate the new successes of Grafit Holding.

May the Force be with you, friends! :)
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