Client: Esushi
Year: 2021
Branding strategy, packaging
Packaging and logo restyling for Esushi restaurant chain
Esushi is the largest chain of Japanese cuisine restaurants in Moldova. Our task was to create a branding strategy and refresh the logo and packaging for sushi delivery.

We developed the branding strategy, updated the logo and visual identity of the packaging. We created new packaging that allows for more convenient placement of the dish, ingredients and necessary accessories.
Branding strategy
The previous logo presented some difficulties in terms of printing, positioning in space and readability.

Our goal was to increase brand recognition, refresh the logo and improve its readability. We slightly altered the colour palette, changed the font part of the logo and adjusted the sign by removing unnecessary details from it.
When designing the packaging, we used the oriental myth about four animals guarding the four cardinal points: North is guarded by the Snake-Turtle, East - by the Blue Dragon, South - by the Red Phoenix and West - by the White Tiger. Based on this concept, we created a series of illustrations for the new packaging.
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