Cutline Agency is a team of broad-minded people obsessed with creativity. We believe that the birth of a successful product is possible through the cooperative pursuit of a common goal and continuous dialogue between studio and client.

That is why we create new brands and renew existing ones. We develop packaging and label design. Develop brand positioning and communication. We create successful products through maximum immersion into the project, the search for ideas and their accurate reflection in the design.
Creating an emotionally intense brand and professional graphic design is the key to success in a competitive business. And this fact is confirmed by the wide geography of our clients:
Russia, USA, France, Norway,
UAE, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova.

How we work:
We set an
exact task
We develop
a strategy
work hard
We observe
and analyze
We get
optimal results
Core team
Дмитрий Внуковский
Креативный директор
Иван Царану
Олег Тамчук
Максим Кертичак
CGI Дизайнер
Анастасия Марченко
Графический дизайнер
Яна Нечай
Менеджер проектов
Анна Костов
Елена Сёмина
Менеджер проектов
Лаура Стратулат
Ева Ступка
Менеджер проектов
Вирсавия Нагорняк
UX/UI Дизайнер
Михаил Пасат