Ålesund Billakkering is a Norwegian company specialized in car painting and repairing car body damage. The workshop is located in the small Norwegian town Ålesund, therefore the name of the company consists of the words "Ålesund" (city) + "Billakkering" ("car painting" in Norwegian).

While designing the logo we decided to combine the image of the steering wheel and the color spectrum circle. This solution best reflects the nature of the company. Colorful logo has a circle shape and combines four contrasting colors, in the center company's monogram "åb" was placed. Corporate style colors and graphic elements were designed to convey the brightness and vibrance of a freshly painted car body and the fullness of color spectrum.
Ålesund Billakkering
Client: Alesund Billakkering
Location: Norway
Year: 2017
Industry: Car service
Brand Identity
Design Guidelines
Motion Design
Corporate Website

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